Monday, February 7, 2011

Counting till infinity to divide with zero

So I decided to resume blogging again. With seventh day of being unemployed, I pretty much ran out of options to make my precious 'time-off' productive.

Nothing has changed much since the last time I posted. Yes, the good ol' insomnia is still pretty much there and I still see images of m-RNA and CD28 receptors when I close my eyes. My relationship status is the same and I gave up trying to change it.

The only tangible change is that I worked in a company with a healthy m to f ratio, demanding the optimization of my stalking talking skills. I outsourced it to Japanese speaking Chinese company; They asked me to squeeze my eyes with eyelids while staring/talking to girls until they come up with some plan.

Bangalore was exceptionally good, better than I had imagined. But the cost of living is pretty high. But owing to my laziness busy schedule and disturbed sleep timings, I never went bankrupt. May be this is what the weather guy meant when he said that every cloud has a silver lining, but just not during the night.

Biotech to Analytics was a good transition and I am glad I didn't choose the former career path by taking accumulated costs into account. In my hometown, you have a good education only if you go to some shitty university in USA. Evertime I meet some relative of mine, they go 

'Why didn't you go to US there are so many opportunitues in bio?'.

I imagine stabbing them in the neck with my middle finger but smile back saying 

'I am weak in Bio, I flunked in multiple subjects multiple times'.

Being the only jobless person around sucks ass. You cant hang out with your friends and your parents get pissed off when you spend most of your time on your computer. May be I should go out, get drunk and get laid

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