Saturday, November 12, 2011


Let me check if I have everything to start -

Time - past 4 am - check

Now that I made sure that I have everything, I will start.

Another birthday passed and this time I had to celebrate it in a way too mainstream fashion. Now that I am done with 38% of my life, I look back at what I have done in the past 23 years for myself. And obviously I found zilch. May be even after I reach the 83% mark I might still feel the same. If a person grows up in an isolated environment from the world would he still crave for what I do ? Why do I wake up every morning to go to office, work, make idle water cooler conversations, curse the cafeteria food and come home late at night to browse reddit? Is this all I ever wanted? A swamped corporate life working for some faceless clients?

Things change, people change. Even the crisp 1000 rupee note turns into change and blows away. People who were once your best friends suddenly turn into strangers and strangers turn into acquaintances. People who were once your emergency contacts will no longer exist on your phone. You start to text.

You realize you are the only person who cares about  you; you realize people always want to screw you over; you realize breakfast is a necessary meal of the day; you realize you pay taxes for the corrupt politicians; you realize you don't matter and if you disappear tomorrow, everything would go on without any concern to your absence.

This is all a cruel joke.


  1. i agree with the breakfast thingy

  2. Wat this post tells us is tat u r fucking single:-P

  3. @maya and shobhit - Thanks.
    @vijin -

  4. nyc read... Faceless clients is so very apt... Guess ZS shud emphasize more on VC rather than intercall :D


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