Saturday, January 7, 2012


People dream. Some about the things they covet and others about the things they are scared of.

 Having insomnia for 2 years has its advantages. You can no longer differentiate between a dream during unconscious sleep and a day dream. Yesterday, after taking a cold medication and a cough syrup, I passed out for a couple of hours and woke up only to see a note on my mobile; which said–

‘Trip, trAP AND denial theory…’

I briefly pondered over whether one of my flatmates is trying to fuck with my head. When I realized that my mobile is secured with a 6 digit code which even I forget at times, I came to terms that I sleep typed that note. I tried to decipher what that note meant but gave up after a couple of minutes as it was too much pain and continued watching Arrested Development.

(wrote under the effect of cough syrup and numb fingers)

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