Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things I have learned today - Part 10

  1. Last week, I walked on my colleague who was browsing something embarrassing in office. Normally I wouldn't peek or pry on what shit people are browsing, but this guy had a peculiar uneasiness and was trying his best to cover the laptop screen with his back. After 5 seconds, he turned back to check if someone was watching and unfortunately he made an eye contact  with me before I could look away. He was flustered with embarrassment and immediately closed the browser all the while returning a confused smile on his face. He was browsing Orkut; I am sure he would have minded less if he was browsing porn. That would have been easier to explain.

  2. Talking about the awkward office moments, when do you say 'hi' to a person whom you know who walks towards you in an aisle? If you say it too soon, what will you do during all the time when the person is still in your field of vision? If you say it too late, the person might not acknowledge and you have to look around praying that no one noticed your fail.
    What if the person walks too fast? What if the person walks too slow? How much doppler effect is caused in this case? What if the person spaced out and doesn't acknowledge you? What if the person wants to stop and talk? This is way too much pressure to handle multiple times on a day to day basis.

  3. I bet Pediatricians are the butt of all doctor jokes. Too bad they can't shorten their specialty like other doctors do. I am sure there must be jokes out there like - 'A gastro, a cardio and a pedo walked into a bar and the bartender called up cops.'

  4. I really don't understand why people dance. I honestly have no clue about why people do it. Music, I can understand that it creates some kind of resonant pattern in your brain which releases some kind of relaxing or stimulating hormones. But dancing? Seriously? What does it accomplish? You can say that I feel alive when I dance in a really douchy tone. My reply would be - Balls. Moving your limbs and torso around just makes your heart beat faster and increases your blood flow to brain which makes you feel and experience more than what you do when you sit around and watch twilight movies. The same happens when you fucking exercise. Do you even lift

  5. I started being more organized in my day to day life to make it more mundane and lifeless. A good place to begin was a to-do list. I spent 15 minutes to come up with a list for the next week. The only items I could think of were 1) Wash socks 2)Emma Watson. 

  6. More than 90% of results in Biotech can be fudged with simple photoshop skills and still people take more than 5 years to complete their PhD in it. Okay, I may be myopic in my view here but I don't give a flying fuck. Plus, I have never heard a biologist going to jail by faking his thesis. 


  1. i think dancing also has a pattern and rhythem, also you can communicate through it.basically dancing is to attract attention of others...

  2. Yes, and you can communicate via papers tied to pigeons instead of a phone call. But we don't do that anymore. And what are people trying to communicate by dancing half drunk in pubs? I am not undermining your point, I am just giving a counter argument.

  3. You made your point when you said it once. She is 22 and I was 23 till a week ago.


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