Sunday, December 30, 2012

Things I have learned today - Part 11

  • Staying away from home has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage being you being able to drink the juice directly from its carton and the disadvantage being you having juice for brunch and dinner.
  • All girls with names Natasha, Namrata and Nikita are hot. I am yet to encounter a non-pretty girl with one of these names. This information is now obsolete as telephone directories don't exist no more for you to find the mother load of hot chicks.
  • I don't understand the need to party on new year's eve. What are we celebrating? The Earth almost completing its revolution around the Sun? But as bible says - Thy shalt not reason if it involves hot chicks getting drunk.
  • The world did not end on 21st December, neither did the stock markets crash as foretold in the movie 2012.  It was a lie all along. I think the only thing it might have done is increase the sales of pregnancy test kits in January 2013. It is still not too late to invest in Unipath Ltd (It manufactures the most popular pregnancy test in the USA)
  • It is amazing how much we trust other people for no reason. Like yesterday I was driving my bike on a highway, which was heavily crowded by heavy vehicles and the whole time I was figuring out what should I do if the guy driving the 16 wheeled vehicle in front of me suddenly swerved to the left for no apparent reason. How can you trust someone whom you don't even know not to make a stupid mistake when your life depends on it?

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