Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quotes from the past

For some reason I had to sanitize my facebook history yesterday and I had compiled all the quotes which I found as funny as my 4 year younger self did.

  • If cricket is a religion, I would still be an athiest.
  • A dead cat is funnier than a LOL cat.
  • What are you? A toothfairy's pimp?
  • Poor integers, they are separated by infinite real numbers and to top it, they face identity crisis in their neighborhood.
  • A friend in need might be your adversary trying to mess with your productivity
  • I am a junkie. Hypothetically.
  • Midsem 7x05 - The one with a stupid bitch
  • Imagine the English language with out the F-word. Now imagine if all the women were flat-chested. Which one made you more sad?
  • Why do all aliens wear same clothes?
  • (to Please include invisibility feature in Gtalk by EOD. Thanks!
  • Searched my name in wiki leaks. Fortunately, no results were found. Yet.
  • Some one told me that if I want to hit on a colleague, I have to interact with her professionally first. I added her on LinkedIn.
  • If you develop a hypotheses matrix before hitting on a girl, you have a serious problem.
  • Isn't it ironic that the more facebook friends you have, the less actual friends you have?
  • (October 20, 2010) - Deleted Thanks for your time.
  • Why are most tablets circular? To avoid side-effects.
  • Did you know that one in every four ants is an elephant? a-leap-ant.
  • Found my 4th grade crush on facebook. And I poked her.
  • Girl next door saw me flipping off a dog. That ship has sailed.
  • A huge weight has been lifted off my head. Literally. #haircut
  • There is cream in a cream biscuit, but there ain't no dog in a dog biscuit
  • 60 pages of quiz preparation starts with a single page. And probably ends with the same page.
  • I couldn't sleep last night. even after listening to jigglypuff's song for an hour.
  • Operation Attend Classes-Which-Can-Not-Possibly-Fail-For-The-18th-time-in-a-row in is progress
  • Not all marriages are made in heaven. Some are made in defective condom boxes.
  • Dear facebook, there is a reason why I am not friends with that person with 82 mutual friends. Quit showing those suggestions
  • I gave BSOD to an ATM

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