Friday, February 21, 2014

The end?

It has been long since I had posted here.  In my defense it has been long since I had an insomniac episode, edging caffeine crash and felt pointless at the same time.

After a long day in office, I often think about the bigger picture. Sometimes it gets out of control and I think about the universe as a whole. Like today, I was again wondering about the scalability of the visible universe. The atoms have the same structure as the solar system which in turn has the same structure as the milky way.

Imagine if we are a billion/trilllion times smaller than we are now, I think it is possible that at that scale what we perceive as a galaxy can be a simple electron which we see at our current size. Similarly if we were many times times larger, our galaxy might appear as an atom. I am not sure where I am going with this theory, but I wanted to show how the things we perceive are so narrow and we can not fathom to truly understand the size of the universe as we don't know which scale we should be looking at.

looking at

It is funny that the answer is right in front of us all the time. If we believe in our classical understanding of distance, the universe must end some where; except it doesn't. So obviously, what we perceive as a 3 dimensional space is a wrong representation of the universe. What we perceive is only a fraction of all the dimensions which can define the universe. Our eyes are evolved due to mutations to better suit the environment we lived in, to help us survive. "To perceive the universe" was definitely not a factor which would influence the early photo-sensitive cells for the organism's survival.

Simply put - we can not ever perceive the true shape & size (if at all these are the legit metrics to define it) of the universe because we are not built to do it. To give you an even simpler example, we can not use a plastic spoon to broadcast radio signals as it is clearly not built to interact with the radio waves. I am going to end this before I go into a caffeine crash.

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