Friday, May 23, 2014

Things I have learned today - Part 13

  • Jean Grey of X men doesn't need a push up bra, Cyclops is perpetually color blind, Mystique can make low budget multi-starer movies, Pyro would die of hypothermia if stranded in a rain forest and Only Jean/Storm push Professor X's wheel chair around. I wonder why; especially when the professor has telekinesis.
  • I don't understand why suicide is illegal. The only people who get convicted of this are the ones who fail at it. It is like the government saying - "If you are so dumb that you can't even kill yourself, you should not be allowed to breed"
  • Attractive doctors should't specialize in erectile dysfunction. It would be like trying to check the fuel level in your car with a lighter.
  • By the time I turn 50, the prime minister of India would have shared Yo Yo Honey Singh's videos on Facebook and would have watched at least two seasons of Big Boss. I am not sure if I am comfortable with that. 
  • I suspect that I might have become dumber in the past couple of years. I started to think in smaller sentences now.
  • It has been long since I posted here.I convinced myself that I am having a writer's block, that I don't have time, that I should buy a nazar raksha kawach, that I am not immature anymore, that I used up all my creative juice over a pointless office game but the truth is that I am being Manmohan Singh. Whipped from all directions.
  • I don't understand how can someone be rude to a complete stranger. What if the stranger turns out to be a serial killer who starves his victims to death so that he could stir fry his victims eye balls without adding butter?
  • When you die no one is going to remember your memories. Pensieve doesn't count.
  • When something is easy, people tend to say "It is a cake walk". I don't get it. I tried walking on cakes last weekend and it is fucking difficult; I smashed my face onto the floor seven times. The icing tasted decent though.