Thursday, February 2, 2017

Things I have learned today - Part 17

1. Flipkart complained that non-Indian entities like Amazon are taking over Indian jobs, revenue and market share in India. If Flipkart is so concerned about Indians losing jobs, why are all the models in its lingerie section non-Indian? 

2. Last year I had a crush on a cute girl in my apartment complex. During the new year's eve she was handing out candy to everyone and asked me if I wanted some. I didn't even respond to her because I ignore all my candy crush requests

3. I think zombies must be blind in one eye. They always claw the air while running towards their prey, only a lack of depth perception can explain that

4. Every time I go to starbucks, I run into at least one girl wearing a superman/batman tshirt

5. Why is the word bae still in use? It sounds like an illiterate gorilla calling its illegitimate son for breakfast at 8:30 PM

6. Female spiders would take forever to put on their eye make up

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